Security Assessment

Uncover gaps or weaknesses throughout your security infrastructure

Regular security assessments performed by a third party can play an essential role in keeping your system up-to-date and safe from attack. While no security setup is perfect, assessments deliver unique in-depth insights along with a strategic roadmap that can not only help strengthen the protection of critical assets but also improve breach response efficiency and recovery time. Fortis offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of your entire security operation to determine if your infrastructure, applications, and endpoints are correctly configured and implemented in ways that minimize risk and align with your organization’s security policies.

Our certified experts stay current with security trends and the ever-evolving threat landscape, taking those factors into account when evaluating your IT environment to expose any gaps or weak points that could be exploited by a bad actor. Any vulnerabilities are classified and assigned a priority level so you know which ones require immediate attention.

An assessment also closely examines the current configuration of your systems and applications in comparison to accepted best practices, providing guidance and recommendations to bring them into proper alignment if needed. This helps ensure your organization gets the most from its security investments. We interview members of your team as well to gain business-level insight into operations and where improvements can be made.

Compliance plays an important role for a majority of businesses, particularly those required to maintain protection standards for their specific industry (PCI, HIPAA, etc.). If your organization has concerns about meeting compliance requirements, a Fortis Security Assessment can identify any shortfalls along with cost-effective ways to resolve those issues.

Once the security assessment is complete, the Fortis team provides your organization with a detailed report analyzing its findings and areas in need of attention, as well as expert advice on how to strengthen your security moving forward.


  • Identify potential vulnerabilities and security gaps within your environment
  • Test the efficacy of your current security investments
  • Reduce risk factors and unnecessary spending by assessing the security of new applications before full deployment in your environment
  • Obtain detailed analytical reports to help executive and financial teams better understand the organization’s current and future security needs
  • Learn more about how to optimize operations and maximize ROI for your security assets
  • Establish a stronger security strategy in accordance with best practices and compliance requirements