Penetration Testing

How well will your security hold up against an attack?

Thanks to evolving technologies, it has become easier than ever for hackers and other cyber criminals to find and exploit weaknesses in your organization’s defenses. Even if you have the utmost confidence in your cybersecurity posture, the only way you can really know how well you’re protected is by testing it in real-world scenarios. Fortis offers multiple types of penetration testing, where our highly certified experts simulate an attack on your organization using ethical hacking techniques in an effort to uncover any vulnerabilities within your environment.

If it is discovered that your network, applications, devices, or employees can be compromised, we will provide a detailed report that lists every security issue by priority level and potential impact, along with an actionable remediation plan. We strongly recommend that organizations schedule penetration tests on a regular cadence to account for occasional changes in your IT environment and new trends/tactics used by cyber criminals.

Why Fortis?

Highly experienced and certified – The Fortis team has collectively conducted thousands of penetration tests for organizations of all sizes and industries. They have developed successful methodologies over the years and earned some of the most widely recognized certifications for penetration testers.

Deep knowledge and continuing education – The Fortis penetration testing team spends a lot of time researching innovative techniques and exploits used by attackers. They even attend hacking conferences to stay on top of the latest trends and further develop their skills in exercises against colleagues. 

Comprehensive reporting – We deliver a document that includes an itemized list of findings organized by priority level, details on the method and vector of attack used by the penetration tester, and expert guidance for next steps that can be taken to fix any issues and further improve your security posture.


  • Determine how well your security investments hold up against various types of cyberattacks
  • Learn how your low risk vulnerabilities can be exploited to reach high levels of your infrastructure
  • Identify weaknesses and gaps in coverage that may otherwise go undetected with more standard security assessments and vulnerability scans
  • Measure the impact of a successful attack on users, operations, and business functions
  • Quantify the need for additional security investments
  • Develop a more mature security strategy
  • Fine tune compliance policies and guidelines

Types of Fortis Penetration Tests

External [click to view PDF]

An External Penetration Test takes the perspective of an attacker attempting to remotely breach your network perimeter defenses, so you can identify what vulnerabilities and information gets exposed to outsiders.

Internal [click to view PDF]

An Internal Penetration Test takes the perspective of an attacker that has already gained access to your network, and attempts to find out what core systems and sensitive data can be accessed through escalation tactics.

External & Internal [click to view PDF]

An External & Internal Penetration Test gives you the best of both worlds, launching simulated attacks from multiple parts of your organization’s infrastructure with a particular focus on stealth and detection avoidance.