Fortis Assessments examine different aspects of your security and recommend improvements

Optimize the performance of your security technologies, policies, and procedures with an assessment from Fortis. Our highly certified team of consultants possess years of hands-on experience analyzing many different types of security environments, and understand the challenges associated with keeping all or portions of your business safe and compliant with regulations. An assessment will identify the root causes of any problems, and recommend the most relevant tools and practices to help your organization stay protected and achieve its full potential.

Security Assessment

Fortis offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of your entire security operation to determine if your infrastructure, applications, and endpoints are correctly configured and implemented in ways that minimize risk and align with your organization’s security policies. Our certified experts stay current with security trends and the ever-evolving threat landscape, looking for weaknesses or gaps in coverage, misconfigurations or delays in patching, as well as any areas that fail to meet compliance requirements. We then provide guidance on improvements and remediation of your environment.

Compromise Assessment [click to view PDF]

If your organization is concerned a bad actor may have gained unauthorized access to your systems either now or in the past, a Compromise Assessment from Fortis will help you find out for sure. We use lightweight scripts coupled with artificial intelligence tools to identify anomalies and match them with common indicators of compromise. If any malicious activity is detected, we will work with you to stop it. If no malicious activity is detected, we will analyze your environment for any potential risk factors.

Incident Response Readiness Assessment [click to view PDF]

If your organization experienced a security incident today, would you be capable of generating an appropriate and immediate response to stop it and minimize the damage? A minor misconfiguration or undiscovered weakness could have a significant effect on your ability to mount an adequate defense.  The Fortis Incident Response Readiness Assessment takes a close look at your technology, configurations, policies, and procedures to determine if they can withstand and properly recover from a breach.

Microsoft Online Security Assessment [click to view PDF]

The Fortis Microsoft Online Security Assessment focuses on scripted and rapid inspection of your Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and on premise email services to check for security best practices and potential risks. It identifies immediately actionable insights for review and correction in order to help harden your environment and improve your security posture. Following a quick scripted data evaluation, Fortis experts review results and provide actionable insights for your environment.

SOC 2 Assessment [click to view PDF]

SOC 2 is an auditing certification that organizations can obtain based on how they handle their customer data across five trust service principles – security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. The process of achieving SOC 2 compliance can be rigorous, time consuming, and expensive. The Fortis SOC 2 Assessment is customized to fit your organization’s specific size and capabilities. Our experts focus on identifying any gaps you may have in comparison to the five trust service principles, so you can feel confident moving forward with the audit and certification process.

PCI Assessment [click to view PDF]

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) was developed to encourage the enhancement of credit cardholder data security and facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures around the globe. The Fortis PCI DSS Assessment helps identify any gaps between your current approach and the requirements set by NIST and the payment card industry. Cybersecurity policies and procedures will be reviewed and compared to industry-best practices to identify any potential compliance or audit exposure for your organization.

HIPAA Assessment [click to view PDF]

Healthcare facilities work with patient records and a large amount of other sensitive information, all of which is protected under HIPAA compliance laws. Fortis wants to help your healthcare organization achieve or maintain its compliancy with a HIPAA Assessment. Our expert consultants help identify any gaps between the current organizational HIPAA compliancy approach and those defined by HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. HIPAA policies and procedures will be reviewed and compared to industry-best practices to identify any potential compliance or audit exposure for the organization.