Project-Based Services Overview

Our team is ready to help with incident response, investigations, penetration testing, and security assessments

Fortis Project-Based Services are typically limited term engagements intended to provide assistance with and improvements to various aspects of your security infrastructure. This includes stepping in to help stop or contain a cyberattack, conducting investigations into a breach or suspected breach within your environment, attempting ethical hacking as a way of testing your defenses, and analyzing your security environment to uncover potential vulnerabilities, gaps, and compliance issues.

Incident Response

Fortis Incident Response solutions include ActiveRecovery and proactive retainer services that place our team of specialists in your corner as you fight off all types of cyberattacks. We also offer assessments and tabletop exercises designed to check current configurations for weaknesses and test your ability to respond or recover from an incident.


Fortis investigators collect and analyze evidence related to an attack or suspected breach of your environment, so you can better understand how an intruder gained access, their actions once inside, and what steps you can take to avoid a similar incident in the future. 

Penetration Testing

Gain unbiased, third-party insights into the effectiveness of your defenses with a penetration test. Fortis offers three distinct types of penetration tests, each conducted by one of our experts using real-world ethical hacking techniques in an attempt to access different parts of your environment. The results can reveal hidden gaps in your protection, and include recommendations on ways to further harden your security posture.

Security Assessment

The Fortis team conducts a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your entire security operation to determine if everything is configured and implemented in alignment with best practices, compliance requirements, and your organization’s specific policies. Any vulnerabilities or risks uncovered are detailed and prioritized in a report, along with guidance on how to get the most from your security investments.