If you're recovering from an attack or simply suspect malicious activity, Fortis experts can investigate

Investigation and analysis play essential roles in cybersecurity. They provide context, visibility, and evidence related to an attack against your organization, so you can understand how an intruder gained access to your environment, their actions once inside, and steps that can be taken to prevent such incidents from happening again. Fortis has a team of highly certified forensics investigators ready to gather intelligence and deliver insights based on their extensive experience handling all types of threats.

Forensics can be used in situations well beyond conducting an investigation during or after an attack. If one of your IT assets, users, or endpoints begins to exhibit peculiar behavior that you suspect may be the result of compromise and/or malicious intent, Fortis Forensics Services can search for evidence and assist with escalation as needed. If an employee accidentally opens a suspicious link or attachment and you’re concerned it may have installed malware or given a bad actor access to your network, our experts know where to look and in many cases can help you stop an attack before it has the opportunity to start. 

Our Process

Fortis Forensics services closely follow best practices to conduct a thorough investigation aimed at preserving evidence and providing your organization with all the ammunition required to neutralize threats.

  • We identify any indicators of compromise, along with the location of systems, applications, devices, and data that may have been affected.
  • We collect all information and evidence relevant to the investigation or incident (forensic imaging, event logs, network traffic, system information) and ensure it is securely stored for future use as needed by incident responders, IT/security departments, human resources, and legal teams.
  • We analyze the evidence collected to help determine the likely cause and source of an attack, as well as assemble a timeline to show the progression of events.
  • We provide a report to your organization detailing our findings, including recommendations on ways to optimize your security operations and lower risk for the future.


  • Contain and shut down attacks faster to minimize damage
  • Identify and prioritize threats/vulnerabilities to optimize response and recovery efforts
  • Improve your ability to conduct investigations and preserve evidence for future security incidents
  • Gain a greater visibility and understanding of your infrastructure, making it easier to notice actual anomalies amid trend patterns and false positive alerts