Consulting Overview

Expert support and guidance from Fortis security experts

Fortis has a team of highly certified and experienced consultants capable of addressing a wide variety of your organization’s security needs. Our primary goal is to provide the right expertise that enables you to excel while maintaining the highest levels of protection for your data, users, and systems.


If your organization lacks the capacity or budget to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer, Fortis offers virtual CISO (vCISO) services to provide expert strategic guidance in the development and execution of your security objectives. Our vCISO services assist with a wide variety of tasks, including managing security teams, updating threat intelligence, conducting assessments/tests to uncover risks, training employees for security awareness, creating incident response plans, and ensuring governance or compliance requirements are met. All vCISO engagements are backed by a team of highly experienced security consultants at a fraction of what a traditional CISO costs.

Audit Preparation

Security audits demand a lot of time and resources, but play an essential role in helping your organization maintain strong compliance and keep critical assets safe. Fortis Audit Preparation services aim to ensure your organization is fully prepared to meet the challenges and ever-changing regulations associated with a security audit. Our certified consultants conduct an independent assessment of your people, policies, procedures, and technology, then recommend changes and best practices to adopt that streamline the audit process.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The right governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) strategy will enable your organization to properly align its technology with business goals, while also managing risk and satisfying compliance requirements. Fortis GRC consulting services analyze your environment to uncover inefficiencies, performance issues, potential weaknesses, and compliance gaps that may be costing valuable time, money, and protection. Our engagement includes recommendations on ways to meet current GRC standards and get the most from your technology investments.

Security Posture

If your organization wants to determine its current security posture, identify any risk factors or gaps in coverage, and learn about ways to strengthen its maturity level, Fortis can help with a Security Posture Assessment. Our expert consultants take a detailed look at your IT assets, security solutions and services, as well as the size of your attack surface and other critical elements that may elevate cyber risk. This enables us to build a comprehensive portrait of your security infrastructure and make actionable recommendations on how to harden your security posture and increase your ROI.