Audit Preparation

Is your organization ready and capable of handling a security audit?

Regular security audits are essential to ensure your organization maintains strong policies, procedures, and compliance when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets. These comprehensive reviews and analyses verify the efficacy of your current security configurations, technology, and infrastructure, as well as identify areas of risk that may heighten your vulnerability to an attack. The more prepared your organization is in advance of a security audit, the less chance it will fail or be blindsided by issues that require extensive and costly changes to your infrastructure.

Many organizations stress over the large scope, level of exposure, and immense detail associated with a security audit. That’s why Fortis offers Audit Preparation services - so your team can better understand what’s coming and establish best practices to help streamline the entire process.


Our standard engagement kicks off when a consultant from Sentinel’s Advisory Services team meets with key members of your IT and security departments (virtually or in-person) to conduct an initial assessment.  We perform scans of your infrastructure, review your policies and procedures, and highlight important items/things to consider as you prepare for a security audit. This includes clearly defining the objectives that need to be addressed by the audit, determining what personnel will be involved, as well as coming to an agreement on how the audit will be performed, tracked, and results presented upon completion.

The intricate details required for a security audit tend to be spread out across multiple departments, technologies, applications, and systems. Gathering that information can be an arduous and time-consuming process. We provide guidance and assist with the creation of a custom prioritized outline that covers every aspect of your specific environment to provide a clear picture of what needs to be done in advance and can more easily manage or delegate those tasks. Innovative tools and best practices can also be applied to get your organization in shape and ready with all the materials that will be requested by an auditor.


The assessment also enables our Advisory Services team to determine your level of preparedness for a security audit, and compose recommendations focused on areas or issues that need to be addressed prior to the start of the audit. Fortis can handle the remediation process for you if desired, with services such as penetration tests, vulnerability scans, monitoring of your environment through our Security Operations Center (SOC), disaster recovery planning, policy and procedure development, as well as security awareness training for employees.