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Sentinel Case Study :

Healthcare System Finds Remedy For Their Security Challenges

Aug 9, 2021

Customer :

One of the largest health systems in Illinois comprised of 3 hospitals, more than 50 outpatient locations, nearly 8,000 employees and 1,700 volunteers.

Environment :

The customer was invested in a large number of top security solutions assembled from a wide variety of different brands and providers, which delivered comprehensive protection for all of their locations.

Challenge :

Despite their expansive array of security technologies, including nearly all of Cisco’s offerings, the customer still lacked real-time consolidated insight into security activities across the enterprise. They were attempting to individually manage each of their security components, which was quite difficult and complex.  It was nearly impossible to monitor their Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the network, and the customer also lacked the staff to develop, customize, and manage an advanced threat detection and response solution.

Solution :

Fortis added more than 34 different products and monitoring elements to improve the customer’s overall security infrastructure. We also created profiles for every medical IoT device in order to establish baseline behavior and send alerts should abnormal trends emerge. Our Security as a Service (SECaaS) and Security Operations Center (SOC) solutions provided a centralized platform for simplified management, monitoring, and insight into the customer’s network and associated devices.

Results :

The installation and reconfiguration of the customer’s security infrastructure went very smoothly. Custom development using the Fortis SECaaS enabled the customer to integrate their diverse security portfolio into a single system that was much easier for their limited staff to manage and adjust as needed. New applications and 24x7x365 monitoring of IoT devices through our SOC also significantly improved internal security analytics and protection of the customer’s network and related assets. Alerts are immediately sent to the customer and service tickets are automatically created at the first sign of trouble, allowing for a rapid and robust response to any threats. The customer was very satisfied with all of these changes and plans to work with Fortis on other infrastructure improvement projects.