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Sentinel Case Study :

ActiveDefense Monitoring Advances the Security of a Major Manufacturer

Nov 10, 2021

Customer :

This customer designs & manufactures products for government, industrial, & commercial organizations. They have been in business for 100+ years, operate facilities in more than a dozen countries, & own 20+ brands that sell and distribute their products.

Environment :

The customer's corporate offices, which operate independently of the many different brands they own, primarily used Cisco products. Sentinel has worked with this customer for more than a decade, and assisted with the replacement and upgrade of much of their environment over the years. At the time of this case study, the customer was finishing a migration to a new platform for endpoint security.

Challenge :

The customer had a third party security monitoring solution deployed within their environment that included a SIEM with an incomplete configuration. The in-house cybersecurity manager responsible for day-to-day operations and maintenance of this monitoring solution suddenly left the company, with no replacement capable of taking on those responsibilities.

Solution :

The customer had previously inquired about Fortis by Sentinel's ActiveDefense monitoring capabilities, but chose to use a third party solution that would be managed in-house. Upon losing their cybersecurity manager and with the license on their third party monitoring solution set to expire, they asked Fortis by Sentinel to take over the secure monitoring and management of their environment.

Results :

The Fortis by Sentinel team was able to onboard the customer relatively quickly and transition into ActiveDefense monitoring without sacrificing any security of license gaps from their prior third party solution. The customer's internal deployment had only been configured to monitor a small portion of their LAN, so Fortis ActiveDefense extended coverage to include their Cisco SD-WAN solution and Microsoft O365 instances.

This new solution also gave the customer unprecedented visibility into their overall security posture, as Fortis provides real-time status and alert information to authorized users via an online portal. Monthly meetings between Fortis experts and the customer talk through security trends, threat hunting results, potential vulnerabilities, and strategies to further improve protection.

Fortis ActiveDefense monitoring has enabled the customer to strengthen their security posture, resulting in the adoption of Cisco Umbrella, DNS security, and Duo multi-factor authentication solutions into their environment. They now have a proper platform to grow and extend monitoring capabilities to their many different brands and other areas of the enterprise.