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Fortis Knox Uses Automation and Managed Services to Protect Your Critical Data

Immutable backups are a standard part of most security programs today.  Unfortunately, immutable backups are not the easiest thing to manage. Fortis by Sentinel can simplify your immutable backup management with our new Fortis Knox solution. Fortis Knox is fully installed and managed by Sentinel, with automation of backup processes provided by Veeam. It can be integrated with your current backup solutions that cover your whole environment. Use Fortis Knox to store backups of your most valuable data and/or critical business systems where they cannot be deleted and receive 24x7x365 security monitoring to alert you at the first sign of trouble.

Once your organization determines which servers to backup, we deploy Veeam agents as well as a Fortis Knox vault either directly on your network or via Sentinel CloudSelect®. The vault is a Linux appliance that uses Veeam immutability to protect your backups from deletion. Once those backups have been placed inside a Fortis Knox vault, they are further protected by a firewall that has been hardened by the Fortis Incident Response Team, along with 24x7x365 monitoring from the Sentinel NOC and Fortis SOC to quickly spot any indicators of compromise. If anyone tries to gain unauthorized access to the vault or attempts to change backup policies/snapshots without proper verification, you will immediately be sent an alert and can take action as needed.

We do not stop at simply managing and securing your backups. A Fortis ActiveRecovery expert tests the operations and recovery readiness of every Fortis Knox vault on a quarterly basis. So not only will you be receiving an automated, immutable, and secure backup solution, you will also have peace of mind those backups will work when needed. Even if you already have a backup solution in place, Fortis Knox can work in tandem to ensure you have the backups ready to get you back to business without needing to constantly manage and verify them.

A data sheet with additional information on Fortis Knox can be viewed here. Please reach out to your Fortis by Sentinel Account Manager or fill out this contact form to begin the discussion on how Fortis Knox can advance the protection of your organization!

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