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Sentinel Joins Forces with OnDefend to Offer Fully Managed Breach & Attack Simulation Services

DOWNERS GROVE, IL (October 18, 2023) - Sentinel Technologies, a premier business technology services provider, today announced a new partnership with OnDefend, a critical cybersecurity service provider, to offer breach & attack simulation (BAS) services powered by OnDefend’s proprietary BAS tool, BlindSPOT.

Corporate security teams depend on their security tools, otherwise known as their technical controls, to detect and alert them to cyber-attacks. However, these security tools are often adversely affected leaving security teams controls and their companies’ data unknowingly vulnerable to an attack.  

BlindSPOT, OnDefend’s breach and attack simulation tool, enables Sentinel customer’s to safely emulate known and emerging cyberattacks on a customer’s environments to test their defensive controls, identify failures, and remediate any security coverage “blind spots” or control failures before they can be exploited.

Organizations that implement breach & attack simulation testing are 60% less likely to experience a data breach, according to the Ponemon Institute. Unlike traditional penetration testing that answers the question of whether an attacker would be able to gain access to the system, BAS tools answer the question of whether the security controls will work.

“Companies that can simulate ransomware strains, supply chain attacks, and industry threat actors are better prepared and resilient to the real-world attacks their executive leadership and board of directors are concerned about," explained Chris Freedman, CEO at OnDefend. "Our BAS solution, BlindSPOT validates for executive leadership that their security controls are working and worth the investment. We are excited to partner with Sentinel to offer that assurance to their customers.”

“I'm excited to announce our new partnership with OnDefend to provide Breach and Attack Simulation services to our clients,"  remarked Robert Keblusek, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Sentinel. "By automating continuous testing of threat vectors, this solution delivered by our Fortis by Sentinel experts allows clients to evaluate the effectiveness of their security controls. It provides visibility into potential weak spots in their security posture by simulating attacks such as lateral movement and data exfiltration. Available as a one-time assessment or continuous management program, this offering enables clients to discover attack paths to critical assets so they can prioritize remediation. Partnering with OnDefend allows us to help clients improve their security readiness, test their detection and continuously improve our Fortis by Sentinel ActiveDefense detection and response services.”

Sentinel will offer BlindSPOT attack simulations either as one-time attack simulations or as a fully managed service. This BAS offering is a purple team power tool and can also be a service add-on to an organization’s traditional penetration test, tabletop exercise, or ransomware assessments. Additionally, Sentinel will offer breach and attack simulations through their national MSSP services, ensuring that their customers will be protected to new and emerging cyber threats.


About OnDefend
OnDefend is a critical partner of cybersecurity service providers around the world enabling them to offer cutting edge solutions and services to better protect their customers. OnDefend’s proprietary breach and attack simulation tool, BlindSPOT, is a consultant and MSSP power tool enabling them to continually test and validate their customers technical security controls against real-world threats.

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